Harmonic Partners With Encoding.com on Cloud-Based Transcoding Service for Professional Video Applications

Harmonic has teamed up with Encoding.com, the world’s largest video transcoding service, to offer a highly flexible cloud-based transcoding service that provides superior video quality, robust format support and the flexibility of a feature-rich web application. Available as either a pure cloud-based or integrated cloud-burst offering the new service provides content creators, service providers and media professionals with an unlimited cloud capacity for converting broadcast-quality video content into virtually any standard media format, including HEVC, utilizing a pay-per-use business model for optimizing costs.

“With this partnership, we are combining the best in on-premise encoding solutions with the best in cloud-based media processing,” said Jeff Malkin, president at Encoding.com. “ProMedia Carbon implemented within the Encoding.com platform empowers customers to generate best-in-breed quality videos while leveraging the elastic capacity of the cloud and the flexibility to maintain workflow requirements in the ever-changing broadcast and multiscreen video landscape.”

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