Universal Distribution in

One Rack Space

The need for fiber distribution has taken center stage and gone mainstream.  Reduced costs, together with the high data rates associated with HDSI transmissions and long cable runs, have ushered in the need for flexible and cost-effective fiber solutions.  DigitalGlue provides low-cost, highly flexible, unique transport solutions which provide multiplexing, routing, conversion, IP/Ethernet translation, as well as 4K 60p workflows.

BarnOne Frames

SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) Modules


Flexible, affordable, green

DigitalGlue has partnered with Barnfind to provide a revolutionary new approach to video transport. The BarnOne offers an unprecedented amount of flexibility and functionally within a 1RU frame; with bi-directional BNC ports and universal SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) modules, the BarnOne can adapt to your system with a wide array of connectors and perform functions such as fiber transport, PtP, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, routing, embedding, IP/ASI conversion, distribution, add/drop/pass, HDMI, and SNMP. Customers save both rack space and OPEX with this highly customizable, convenient solution.

Each piece of equipment uses a web-based interface for easy configuration and management. Barnfind’s BarnStudio software makes managing the BarnOne and its many applications easy for your engineers, and can route your BarnOne’s inputs to any number of available outputs with full 32×32 cross-point matrix. Whether your signals come in or out as optical or coaxial, SDI or CVSB, ASI or IP, the BarnOne makes integrating and bridging disparate connections in your distribution chain simple and straightforward.

The BarnOne comes in a wide variety of frame specifications, please see links to the right for more information. Every BarnOne frame offers the following:

Full 32 x 32 cross point matrix

All BarnOne frames are equipped with a full 32 x 32 crosspoint matrix for the full flexibility to route, switch, and duplicate any input to any output, optical or coaxial. Each BarnOne frame contains a minimum of one main board (with 16 SFP ports), control card, and a replaceable fan cassette. Each frame can be mounted in the front or in the rear by turning the frame brackets.

Bi-directional SFP and BNC ports

All BarnOne frames are equipped with different combinations of BNC, SFP, CWDM multiplexers etc. Every BNC and SFP port is bi-directional (both input and output). Custom configuration is easily accomplished via the BarnStudio software; a powerful function in e.g. O/E and E/O conversion. Customers simply route the electric signal to an optical output, and BarnStudio enables the user to bypass, lock (to any common used SDI signals between 270Mbps to 3G) or automate the re-clocking function for every output port (BNC or SFP).

Reference input

Every BarnOne can be connected to an external sync source, or customers can select from one of the input (analog or digital) signals.


Every BarnOne is equipped with a 120W Power Supply (PSU). Even with the most demanding SFPs, only some 65% of PSU max capacity is utilized. Redundant PSU means twice the power supply connected to two independent connectors on the rear of the frame. The PSU has a locking function at the connector to ensure stability. Barnfind offers additional general redundancy options such as optical changeovers and redundant multiplexer etc. Please ask a sales rep for more details.

Easy to maintain

Each BarnOne is equipped with an outside mounted fan cassette to ensure quick and easy replacement of cooling fans. The exchange can be done by the operator while the unit is in operation. The BarnOne frames are designed to perform even in the most demanding environments. Every BarnOne frame offers LED indicators for both PSU (single and/or redundant) and Alarm for critical failures. Barnfind offers a two-year warranty, with the option to expand to 5 years. For more details, submit an inquiry.


One channel, no hassle

When working with the Barnfind family, you don’t need to feel tethered to rackmount units when you’re on-the-go. The BarnMini series of small-scale boxes integrates with your BarnOne/BarnStudio solution to remotely extend your channel in-house or in the field. These throw-down units are lightweight, energy-efficient and easy to deploy, providing convenience and flexibility with no compromise in performance.

There are currently two flavors of BarnMini available: The BarnMini-01 has 2xBNC TX and RX and 1xSFP cage, and the BarnMini-02 has 2xSFP cages (no BNC ports). More versions are on the way. BarnMini units compatible with any SFPs supported by the BarnOne.

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Pocket-sized, future-proof

Barnfind is committed to providing solutions that will adapt to your particular system in long-term. Small Form Factor Pluggables (SFPs) are the perfect solution to deliver a future-proof platform that saves both space and money, and are utilized across the Barnfind product line. All Barnfind units have non-proprietary SFP cages which accept Barnfind-brand and third-party manufactured SFPs, and are capable of handling signals up to 10Gbps.

Regardless of make, installed SFPs will be detected by the BarnStudio software. The interface displays and lists key operational data such as port number, temperature, signal strengths, signal loss, manufacturer, serial number, wave length, and connector type. These modules are all treated equally within the Barnfind platform, and the ease of use and flexibility provided by this approach will ultimately reduce your maintenance costs in the long-term.

Optical Products

A place for everything, and everything in its place

To complement your Barnfind solution, Barnfind offers a variety of optical products to extend and manage your fiber infrastructure and ensure all your signals reach their final destination. We offer LGX module housing, CWDM and DWDM mux and demux boxes, optical splitters, and optical changeover switches in several different configurations and sizes.

Housing For LGX Modules

Order Number
BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU Barnfind standard empty chassis for up to 4 LGX Boxes in 1RU

bt-hous-lgx-1ru fiber distribution Fiber Distribution thumbs bt hous lgx 1ru

CWDM Mux/Demux

Frame Description
BT-CWDM-08-LGX 8 channels in LGX box stand-alone
BT-CWDM-16-LGX 16 channels in LGX box stand-alone
BT-CWDM-18-LGX 18 channels in LGX box stand-alone

* Other CWDM configuration on request.

Optical Splitters

Order Number Description
BT-SPLIT-2-LGX Passive distribution of optical signals 1:2 out
BT-SPLIT-4-LGX Passive distribution of optical signals 1:4 out
BT-SPLIT-8-LGX Passive distribution of optical signals 1:8 out

* Other optical splitters on request.

Optical Changeover Switch

Order Number Description
BT-OCS-2-LGX Optical changeover 2:1, Non-latching

* Other optical changeover switches on request

DWDM Mux/Demux

Order Number Description
BT-DWDM-MUX-16-1RU 16 channels in 1RU
BT-DWDM-MUX-32-1RU 32 channels in 1RU
BT-DWDM-MUX-44-1RU 44 channels in 1RU
BT-DWDM-MUX-88-2RU 88 channels in 2RU

* Other DWDM configurations on request.


Real-world applications

The ability to combine multiple functions into a single compact, efficient, flexible solution makes Barnfind’s equipment a perfect fit for several applications in the broadcast, telco, and multimedia markets. BarnOne offers the industry’s highest density, smallest form factor, and lowest power consumption. A dramatic range of functions including signal processing, distribution, routing, protection, redundancy, add/drop, pass, IP to ASI and ASI to IP conversion, embedding, scaling, service adaptation and optical multiplexing from the simplest WDM and CWDM systems to the largest 88 channel DWDM networks can be seen in the real-world examples to the right. These solutions are just a sampling of the variety of configurations with which customers have been able to improve their workflows while meeting their system requirements.

Please take a look at the diagrams in this tab to see how it all fits together, and what 1RU can do for you. Contact us today to start a conversation about designing a custom solution for you based on your ideas and needs—if you can think it, it can be done.

Solution Examples

18 Channels

Mixed Video and KVM Transmission


The 5 “R’s” Example





A Larger CWDM System


BarnMini Examples

Barnfind has made it easy for anyone to design a complete system of Barnfind products. You will find all the graphics of BarnOne, BarnMini, SFP modules and LGX housing/modules in our Visio library.

After you have selected the frames, you can add in any SFP module from Barnfind selection.

Each SFP module can be labeled with respective wavelength in order to optimize installation and maintenance.

All Barnfind modules are available in the library. Simply pick and place the selected unit from the product list.