July 11, 2019 – Laguna Niguel, CA – Faced with an aging compression headend, a high-profile U.S. free-to-air television network turned to DigitalGlue, a leading equipment, integration, and software development provider, to design an upgraded system, populate its infrastructure with the most advanced equipment available, relocate its uplink operations to Encompass Digital Media’s campus in Atlanta, Georgia, and provide on-going network-wide support.

DigitalGlue configured a fully 1+1 redundant system with Harmonic’s Electra-X2 encoders at its core to support the staggered delivery of five channels of MPEG-4/AVC compression content. The system is also comprised of Harmonic’s software-based ProStream-X multiplexers for best-in-class, high-performance stream processing for mission-critical applications; Harmonic’s powerful NMX management tools for optimal monitoring and managing of compressed video and audio systems – including easy modification and deployment of new channel lineups; a Harmonic Decoder Management System (DMS) to streamline satellite receiver operations; and a Verimatrix encryption solution to maximize security. A Nevion TNS541 Smart switch was incorporated to receive the output of the compression system before feeding a 1+1 redundant pair of Newtec M6100 Satellite Modulators for DVBS-2 satellite uplink to over 100 regional affiliates.

In addition to upgrading the network’s headend, DigitalGlue replaced the majority of its aging satellite receiver population with 220 Harmonic ProView PVR-8130-VMX professional receivers that were pre-tested and pre-configured prior to shipping to ensure a smooth ‘out of the box’ installation process. Over 100 broadcast affiliates received two units each; one primary and one for back-up, and the stations remained on-air as the old units were swapped for new.  Telephone surveys were conducted for all accounts to verify requirements and functionalities were fully met before delivery, and the receivers’ serial numbers were registered in the master database.

DigitalGlue also worked with Harmonic to develop customized solutions to address the network’s unique requirements. This included a provision within the Verimatrix Embedded Conditional Access (CA) solution to support both the new embedded CA and the smart card authorization receivers that are still in use at affiliates, which were not part of the refresh program.

“We are honored that a network of this size with enormous reach and viewership placed its trust in DigitalGlue to accomplish this massive upgrade and move,” said Sean Busby, DigitalGlue president. “Our expertise in designing, configuring and fabricating advanced network operations facilities, combined with our outstanding fulfillment capabilities made it possible for Harmonic to drop ship 220 PVR-8130’s to our Murrieta, California facility where we tested, pre-configured and  facilitated database registration for over 100 individual shipments to each authorized affiliate throughout the U.S.”