Digital Program Insertion Solution Brief

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For broadcasters and service providers, the ability to seamlessly splice content in real time into an MPEG transport stream – without having to convert the signal back to baseband – optimizes workflows and supports new revenue-generating opportunities. This Solution Brief describes Harmonic’s complete video service delivery ecosystem built around the powerful capabilities of the ProStream 9100 high-density stream processor, the Electra encoder and ProMedia Carbon transcoders. It highlights how easy it is to customize both programming and advertising for national or local audiences, which provides the opportunity to sell more spots to local advertisers.

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Ultra HD Encoding and Delivery Solution Brief

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This Solution Brief provides an explanation of the various formats leading up to full Ultra HD deployment and how, by leveraging our expertise in video compression, storage and transport, Harmonic helps you distribute UHD assets simply, reliably and cost-effectively. With widespread UHD deployment not likely for several years, broadcasters and service providers can exploit this capability today by offering UHD video-on-demand movie channels and live coverage of global sports events, such as the World Cup, with an integrated Harmonic solution that has been successfully demonstrated with some of the world’s leading service providers, including SES in Luxembourg, Etisalat in Dubai and Sky Deutschland in Berlin.

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