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DigitalGlue has been trusted with many large network launches and upgrades. We understand the need to maintain superior video quality at low bitrates when distributing content to service providers across thousands of locations. Broadcasters rely on our field proven experience and expertise to ensure efficiency and security, which we know are equally crucial. Secure distribution of the highest-quality MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, and HEVC SD and HD video over satellite, broadcast, or IP delivery networks is always attainable when we combine our industry know-how with top-of-the-line equipment from leading manufacturers. Our scalable solutions will fit your needs for distribution on a local or global scale, and you can rest easy knowing your content is being delivered securely and seamlessly.

Electra X

Advanced Media Processor

The industry’s first fully converged platform for broadcast and OTT delivery of SD, HD and UHD content

Featuring real-time encoding of SD, HD and Ultra HD media, integrated high-quality branding and graphics, and reliable transport stream playout, Electra™ X offers content and service providers market-leading video quality, unparalleled function integration and increased operational flexibility in a cost-effective appliance.

Two models are available: the 1-RU Electra X2, ideal for all SD and HD media processing applications, and the 2-RU Electra X3, designed specifically for Ultra HD encoding. At the heart of both units is the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, an advanced encoding technology that supports SD, HD and UHD formats and MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs for broadcast and over-the-top multiscreen delivery. Originally developed for our VOS™ virtualized media processing platform, the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine powers Electra X with superior video quality at minimum bandwidth.
On-board video graphics and branding on Electra X2 bring new levels of workflow efficiency to the video delivery chain, a capability that also preserves video quality by removing the need to inject baseband components into the IP workflow. For premium UHD encoding applications, Electra X3 delivers broadcast-ready content at resolutions up to 2160p60 via HEVC Main 10. Rich audio functionality on both Electra X2 and X3 includes encoding of Dolby® Digital Plus (E-AC-3) content and integrated audio leveling.

With its superior video quality, function integration, bandwidth efficiency and workflow flexibility, the multi-service, multi-codec, multi-function Electra X is sure to simplify your infrastructure, reduce costs and drive new revenue-generating services.

Electra 9200

Universal Multi-Service Encoder

Superior video quality for multi-channel, multi-service applications

The latest evolution of Harmonic’s market-leading Electra™ compression family, the Electra 9200 is a multichannel, multi-service encoder in a compact, energy-efficient 1-RU chassis. Part of a complete video headend solution, the encoder supports main and secondary SD or HD channels of constant bitrate (CBR) or variable bitrate (VBR) video using either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC encoding. It offers high bandwidth efficiency and channel density – up to four audio/video input processing modules per chassis.

Superior video quality merges with Harmonic intelligent function integration in the Electra 9200 to deliver a high-performance unit that helps increase efficiency while lowering service providers’ capital and operating expenses. Comprehensive features include integrated audio encoding tools, GbE networking, flexible internal video routing, and enhanced serviceability via removable power supplies, fan assembly, compression modules and processing cards.

ProStream 9100

High-Density Stream Processor and Transcoder

High-performance, highly versatile stream processing in a compact package

The latest evolution of Harmonic’s market-leading ProStream® stream processing platform, the high-density ProStream 9100 is an ideal solution for multiplexing, scrambling, descrambling and statistical multiplexing of SD and HD MPEG video. The compact 1-RU system delivers the flexibility to support any-to-any remultiplexing, DVB-ASI and AES scrambling, digital turnaround, linear ad insertion—and a wide variety of stream processing applications. By adding the optional high-performance ACE® video processing card, the ProStream 9100 also supports complex transcoding applications for the delivery of both broadcast and next-generation multiscreen services.

  • Compact, modular 1-RU chassis with five IOM slots
  • IP and DVB-ASI I/O, 8VSB input
  • Multiplexing and scrambling of up to 500 simultaneous SD and HD broadcast services
  • DiviTrackIP statistical multiplexing with remote distributed encoders
  • Linear ad insertion into MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD video streams
  • Advanced remultiplexing
  • Dual power supplies
  • Controlled via NMX Digital Service Manager and stand-alone web GUI

ProStream 9100 with ACE

High-Density Stream Processor and Transcoder

A converged solution for processing SD/HD content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery

The latest evolution of Harmonic’s market-leading ProStream platform, the 1-RU ProStream® 9100 with ACE® delivers superior video quality and the flexibility to support multiple complex digital processing applications, such as digital turnaround, any-to-any audio and video transcoding, linear ad insertion and live adaptive streaming. It addresses current broadcast and multiscreen I/O formats—and scales easily to accommodate future formats.

ProStream 9100 with ACE features an ultrahigh-density architecture that dramatically reduces the amount of rack space required to meet growing processing and transcoding requirements. System flexibility and workflow versatility are achieved with modular audio/video processing modules and high-capacity IP processing cards. Low power consumption, high reliability and simplified serviceability result in a best-in-class, multi-format platform that offers superior video quality and OPEX.

  • Up to four audio/video processing modules per chassis, configurable for broadcast or multiscreen
  • High-density transcoding of 60 SD or 20 HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC broadcast channels
  • 20 SD/HD inputs with up to 80 OTT multiscreen output profiles
  • IP, ASI and 8VSB I/O
  • Multiplexing and scrambling of up to 500 services
  • Linear ad insertion into SD/HD video streams
  • Up to 16 integrated statmux pools
  • Support for Picture-in-Picture and Microsoft Mediaroom applications
  • Dual power supplies

ProStream 1000

Stream Processing Platform for Multiplexing and Scrambling

High-quality, multi-function stream processing

Harmonic’s market-leading ProStream® 1000 stream processing platform is the ideal solution for multiplexing and scrambling of SD or HD video and audio services. With its standard IP and DVB-ASI input and output interfaces, the flexible 1-RU ProStream 1000 is easily incorporated into any existing headend environment for supporting digital turnaround solutions. The system’s robust, extensible and highly scalable design reduces rack space and power consumption, while also simplifying network infrastructure.

  • ASI and IP scrambling and mirroring
  • ASI and IP remultiplexing of any service from any input to any output
  • MPEG-2 TS or RTP/UDP over IP output
  • Digital program insertion for splicing and local ad insertion
  • Statistical multiplexing
  • Deterministic remultiplexing for distribution and local program replacement in DVB-T SFN distribution
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ProStream 1000 Datasheet
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ProStream 1000 with ACE

Real-Time Stream Processor and Transcoder

High-density solution for advanced stream processing and SD/HD transcoding

Harmonic’s ProStream® 1000 with ACE® is the industry’s first truly converged solution for advanced processing and transcoding of SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video and audio for broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) mobile/web applications. This highly versatile and ultra-dense processing platform is ideal for functions including:

  • Any-to-any and any-to-many video/audio transcoding
  • Automatic audio level adjustment
  • Statistical multiplexing
  • Advanced remultiplexing
  • Scrambling and descrambling

ProStream 1000 with ACE leaps over competing stream-processing platforms by enabling the cost-effective deployment of next-generation SD and HD broadcast and OTT multiscreen services from a single, highly scalable, 1-RU device. It can simultaneously transcode video content for both broadcast and OTT mobile and web applications while providing unmatched video quality. In addition, the ProStream 1000’s power-efficient design helps operators reduce OPEX — and their carbon footprint, as it draws only 10 watts per HD channel and less than 3 watts per SD channel.

ProView 8100

Commercial Integrated Receiver-Decoder

High-quality, all-purpose decoding and descrambling for day-to-day primary distribution

The first member of the all-new Harmonic ProView™ 8000 family of integrated-receiver-decoders, the ProView™ 8100 single-channel commercial decoder and descrambler is a compact, fully featured unit for general-purpose primary distribution applications.

Workflow efficiency is a key trait of this advanced IRD. The ProView 8100 provides simultaneous HD-SDI and SD-SDI output with high-quality HD-to-SD down-conversion, allowing operators to use the same device to feed both the HD and SD production chains. Built-in frame-rate conversion brings additional benefits, especially for multi-national program distributors, as it enables content shot at 50 Hz to be distributed at 60 Hz, or vice versa. With this capability, operators no longer need to purchase a separate, stand-alone frame-rate converter.

  • Single-channel SD/HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC decoding and descrambling
  • DVB-S/S2, DVB-ASI and IP input
  • Simultaneous HD-SDI and SD-SDI output
  • High-quality, integrated frame-rate conversion and down-conversion
  • 3G HD-SDI output supports 1080p60 workflows
  • ASI, IP, HDMI and analog video outputs
  • Integrated BISS and Verimatrix support, dual DVB-CI slots
  • vFront-panel controls and intuitive, web-based GUI
  • Compatible with Harmonic DMS video distribution management system

ProView 7100

Integrated Receiver-Decoder, Stream Processor, and Transcoder

The industry’s most powerful IRD meets the industry’s leading video compression

Harmonic’s ProView™ 7100 is the industry’s first single-rack-unit, scalable, multi-format integrated receiver-decoder (IRD), transcoder and MPEG stream processor. Leveraging Harmonic expertise in intelligent function integration, it adds broadcast-quality SD/HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC decoding and video transcoding to the feature-rich ProView IRD platform, allowing content providers, broadcasters, cable MSOs and telcos to easily and cost-effectively streamline their workflows and decrease operating costs. For applications in which preserving pristine video quality is paramount, the ProView 7100 supports AVC HD 4:2:2 10-bit decoding up to 1080p.

The ProView 7100 IRD harnesses a flexible and modular design to address the vast spectrum of content reception applications, from decoding, descrambling and multiplexing of multiple transport streams to MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 transcoding. With an advanced and dense multichannel descrambler, the ProView 7100 simplifies the deployment of (or migration to) an all-IP headend solution and powers the launch of added-value services. The flexible hardware design is easily reconfigured with firmware upgrades, enabling seamless adaptation to new inbound video formats and codecs, such as MPEG-4 AVC.

  • Fully integrated platform combines all headend reception functionality with any-to-any remultiplexing
  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 10-bit decoding
  • Four TS descramblers with four integrated DVB-CI slots
  • Four stereo pairs of audio decoding
  • High-quality H.264-to-MPEG-2 transcoding with down-conversion option
  • T2-MI deframing to MPEG TS
  • Four independent ASI outputs
  • Four IP outputs with 1+1 redundancy support
  • HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI and analog video outputs


Digital Service Manager

The definitive video network management solution

Harmonic’s NMX™ Digital Service Manager is a definitive video network management solution encompassing a powerful set of tools for monitoring and managing compressed digital video and audio services, as well as the systems through which these services flow. As a result, operators can run their technical infrastructure in a way that parallels their business – as a series of revenue-generating services, rather than as a set of discrete hardware components.

  • Centralized management of geographically distributed systems
  • Service-oriented software works the way operators work
  • Distributed processing for high availability
  • “Input to output” GUI and functionality
  • Template and wizard-based system setup
  • Scalable to any size system


Video Distribution Management System

Centralized, over-the-air control of multiple video network devices

Harmonic’s DMS™ video distribution management system provides broadcasters and content providers with powerful control tools over large populations of Harmonic ProView™ 7000 and ProView™ 7100 IRDs. The software-based solution allows flexible device or group addressability, entitlements and authorization management as well as over-the-air (OTA) in-band control of content distribution network (CDN) elements. It’s ideal for applications such as content distribution to operators, affiliates and service providers, and distribution of digital terrestrial TV services.

DMS enables secure broadcast of video content over satellite or IP delivery networks, helping content providers to deliver content to authorized recipients only. Based on open standards such as DVB SimulCrypt, DMS provides individual or group entitlements control with any DVB-compliant conditional access (CA) system. Decryption on ProView 7000 and 7100 receivers is based on DVB-CI modules.

  • Integrates with DVB scrambling solutions for secure content delivery
  • Regional program switching and blackout control
  • Facilitates maintenance with device grouping and bulk operations
  • OTA firmware upgrades of single or groups of devices
  • Integrated event scheduler allows automated operation


Subscriber Management

A prime example of DigitalGlue’s in-house software development capabilities, priSMS is our own Subscriber Management System (SMS). It is a front end UI for Verimatrix’s and Irdeto’s Conditional Access System. The Conditional Access (CA) system is responsible for the technical details of sending authorization commands to smart cards that control the content each STB in the system can use. The SMS defines the users and products that the CA system controls. Because of the limitations of the CA system, priSMS provides the function of associating customers with smart cards, and assigning which products or packages each is allowed to access.  It features a scalable, open standards based, modular architecture and is seamlessly integrated with Verimatrix’s VCAS and Irdeto’s Plsys Conditional Access System. Adding priSMS to your system will improve workflow and increase productivity with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface and smart controls.

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priSMS Overview


ProView 8100
ProView 8100
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