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When we say “we do video,” we mean we have our hands in every step of media production, from content creation to the final viewing screen. Ingest and playout are integral steps in the process, and our solutions are, frankly, the best available. We proudly offer Harmonic Inc.’s entire line of products in the Spectrum family and ChannelPort technology, which have received industry recognition for their leading technology. DigitalGlue will help you find the right solution for your needs, whether you need to transport pristine video from the field to the station or prepare content for its final destination. Edit clips in place, manage assets with task-specific tools, and prepare footage for live streaming anywhere. Transcode media to any format, any wrapper, to any device, and experience unmatched workflow efficiency.

Spectrum X

Advanced Media Server System

Easy-to-deploy ingest and playout for baseband and IP workflows

The Harmonic Spectrum™ X advanced media server system brings new levels of efficiency, simplicity and reliability to broadcast playout workflows. Designed for mission-critical production and playout applications, Spectrum X combines file, baseband and transport stream ingest with comprehensive integrated channel playout (ICP) capabilities, including graphics, branding, DVE, and live switching of baseband and compressed IP sources. By reducing the number of discrete devices required to produce and distribute branded programming, Spectrum X lowers capital expenditures, simplifies workflows and reduces operational costs.

The software-based Spectrum X supports a broad range of SD and HD formats up to 1080p (3G), and is upgradeable to Ultra HD. The integration of SDI and IP I/O on the same chassis also eases the migration to IP playout workflows, allowing broadcasters to transition smoothly away from baseband at a pace that makes sense for their operation.

  • Supports a comprehensive range of SD and HD formats; software upgradeable to Ultra HD
  • Integrates SDI and IP I/O on the same chassis to ease migration to IP workflows
  • Adaptable to all production and playout applications, including integrated channel playout, channel-in-a-box and integrated master control
  • Integrated video graphics and branding, using industry-standard authoring tools
  • Single and dual integrated DVEs for sophisticated content presentation
  • Plug and play compatibility with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage
  • Open control architecture makes CIAB/ICP available to Harmonic Polaris and third-party automation systems
  • Compact 1-RU chassis


Integrated Channel Playout System

One device. Unmatched capabilities. Extraordinary value.

The Spectrum™ ChannelPort™ branded channel playout module speeds the cost-effective deployment of new SD and HD television channels by integrating branding and master control switching with clip playback on the industry’s most trusted media server platform. Fully compatible with Spectrum MediaCenter™ and MediaDeck™ 7000 servers, ChannelPort fits seamlessly into existing production and playout infrastructures, reducing complexity and cutting the time it takes to launch new services. Rich multilayer graphics and dynamic text can be keyed over playback or live video, while support by leading automation systems offers customers the freedom to choose the workflow solution that best fits their needs.

  • Integrated clip playback, branding and master control switching
  • Four SD/HD channels per RU with up/down/cross-conversion
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Harmonic Spectrum media servers
  • Dual integrated DVEs for sophisticated graphics presentation
  • Independent branding of simulcast channels
  • Supported by all leading automation systems
  • Branded preview functionality
  • Fast channel deployment
  • Low power consumption


Media Server with Integrated Storage

Media server flexibility and reliability at exceptional value

Spectrum MediaCenter™ combines media server and storage functions in a compact 2-RU enclosure. Ideal for moderate (up to 20) channel-count applications, the system provides file system and communication management for ingest and playout activities at a compelling price point.

MediaCenter supports up to 10 Spectrum X advanced media server systems or Spectrum MediaPort™ 7000-series I/O modules, which provide video/audio interfaces as well as encode and decode for record and playback. For integrated channel playout (ICP) applications, MediaCenter supports both Spectrum X and the Spectrum ChannelPort™ systems, Harmonic’s next-generation solutions for speeding the cost-effective deployment of new SD and HD television channels by integrating branding and master control switching with clip playback. A choice of storage configurations is available as well: up to 48 TB (approximately 1,800 hours at 50 Mbps). This modular approach lets you configure your MediaCenter to meet your needs today while allowing for future expansion.

  • Compact media server solution for up to 20 channels
  • Choice of storage: 16-, 32- or 48 TB usable HDD
  • Easily add new features to support new services, ensuring complete investment protection
  • Implement best-of-breed solutions for transmission, studio production, news and sports highlights and distributed broadcast workflows
  • Choose from hundreds of applications, enabled by the broadest application support built around open standards and APIs


Server Controller

Powerful, flexible data management for Spectrum media servers

MediaDirector™ system controllers are the core of the Spectrum™ media server system, actively managing the flow of data to and from other Spectrum components, such as MediaStore™ 5000 storage arrays and MediaPort™ 7000 real-time I/O modules. MediaDirectors provide the necessary processing power and interface connections to support a wide range of configurations and workflows. Each MediaDirector can be dedicated to either real-time or IP packet processing, and possesses a number of interfaces for both internal and external connectivity.

  • Integrates file system, system management, communication and all connectivity for Spectrum media server
  • 6-Gbps SAS interfaces on MediaDirector 2251 and 2252 systems provide multiple data paths to server storage
  • 8 or 16 high-speed media I/O ports available
  • Enables maximum scalability of Spectrum channels and IP bandwidth
  • Supports multiple diagnostic, monitoring and notification features for Spectrum system resiliency and availability

MediaPort 7000

Real-Time Video Encoder/Decoder

I/O support for a broad range of formats, channel counts and record/play capabilities

MediaPort™ 7000 I/O modules perform system-wide encoding and decoding for real-time ingest and playout of content on the Spectrum™ media server platform. The modules attach to Spectrum in manageable increments so that systems can be configured to meet exact requirements for channel count and video compression formats. When expansion is needed, additional MediaPort 7000 modules can be added while Spectrum remains up and running. MediaPorts for different media formats can be combined within a single Spectrum system, including support for both SD and HD at the same time. Every channel can be individually controlled by an automation system or a hardware controller.

  • I/O support for a wide range of codecs, all available for back-to-back playout on Spectrum media servers
  • Built-in up/down/cross conversion with no channel count or performance penalties
  • SD/HD simulcast outputs on every channel
  • Hot-swappable modules and power supplies
  • Available real-time creation of H.264 proxy during ingest
  • At-a-glance system status
  • Low power consumption

MediaStore 5000

Storage Array

Scalable SAS shared storage for Spectrum media servers

MediaStore™ provides scalable and reliable high-performance disk-based shared storage for all content stored in Spectrum™ media server systems. The latest MediaStore 5000 storage arrays contain up to 24 high-performance serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives—with disk capacity options of 300 GB, 600 GB, 900 GB or 1.2 TB, broadcasters can access up to 83.4 TB of usable online storage, making it easy to tailor a Spectrum system to their exact needs.

Each hot-swappable drive in a MediaStore 5000 enclosure is connected via two integral SAS expanders. Storage capacity can be added at any time without disrupting on-air operations, while SAS connectivity between MediaStores and the rest of the Spectrum system guarantees the bandwidth required for real-time media operations. Up to four MediaStores can be daisy-chained in a single Spectrum system to create a complete server solution with unmatched bandwidth and storage capacity.

  • Up to 24 high-performance, hot-swappable SAS drives per chassis
  • Four drive sizes available: 300, 600 and 900 GB, and 1.2 TB
  • 6-Gbps SAS interfaces
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supplies with redundant fans and separate power cables
  • SCSI enclosure service (SES) support

ProMedia Carbon

File-Based Transcoder

Supports a vast array of acquisition, editing, broadcast, web and mobile formats

Powered by Harmonic’s Rhozet® technology, ProMedia® Carbon is a file-based transcoding solution that facilitates the conversion of media to a massive array of acquisition, editing, broadcast, web and mobile formats. It can run as a stand-alone application or as part of a multi-node, fully automated rendering farm under the control of the Harmonic WFS™ file-based workflow system.

Part of the ProMedia family of optimized multiscreen and production workflow solutions, ProMedia Carbon supports all major SD and HD formats, and can handle all critical transcoding operations, including SD/HD conversion, PAL/NTSC conversion, logo insertion, color space conversion, color correction, closed captions extraction and more. An open API allows for the creation of custom workflows or third-party applications, further extending ProMedia Carbon’s industry-leading flexibility.

  • Broad format support is ideal for multiscreen content delivery
  • Intuitive user interface increases productivity
  • Scalable transcoding allows system to function as a standalone application or as part of a multi-node rendering farm
  • Automation through WFS with watch folders or WFS API

A free trial is available, contact for more details.


Media and Workflow Management

Quickly and easily search, manage and move content

Central to any file-based workflow environment is defining the steps necessary to prepare content for distribution or repurposing. Key to that function is the ability to quickly search for and find specific media based on structural or descriptive metadata, or a particular workflow stage. The ProXplore™ media and workflow management application maximizes the benefits of file-based, enterprise-wide workflows by supporting multi-system searches, facilitating efficient content movement, and enabling content organization based on physical or user-defined metadata properties. Powered by our Media Application Server (MAS) asset management platform, ProXplore enables organizations to manage their digital media workflows, enforce business rules and streamline the flow of content through their facility.

  • Secure enterprise-wide visibility of content via a rich web-based interface
  • Multi-system content searches, movement and organization based on physical or descriptive properties
  • Rules-based movement of content throughout its lifecycle
  • Coordinated control and execution of media processes
  • Integrates with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid active storage systems
  • Part of Harmonic’s unified MAS media asset management solution
Download PDF
ProXplore Datasheet


Server and Storage System Administration

Facility-wide control of Harmonic Spectrum and MediaGrid systems

SystemManager acts as the administrative hub of Harmonic ingest, storage and playout systems, including Spectrum™ media servers, Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage and the Media Application Server (MAS) asset management platform. The system’s streamlined and intuitive browser-based user interface allows quick configuration of new systems, rapid adjustment of existing configurations, and simplified integration of new components. Real-time fault reporting and alerting capabilities allow users to head off issues before they become critical.

  • Active monitoring and alerting
  • Intuitive web-based GUI
  • Integrates with existing data networks

Media Application Server

Asset Management Platform

The foundation for a complete MAM solution

File-based workflows allow content creators to maximize production efficiencies and enable the delivery of more content to more devices in less time. To realize these objectives, an agile and accessible centralized media asset management (MAM) solution must sit at the heart of any media organization. The foundation of Harmonic’s MAM solution is the Media Application Server (MAS), a SOA-based platform that hosts and coordinates applications that comprise an enterprise-class content management, preparation and delivery platform: ProXplore™ and ProBrowse™.

MAS provides a single virtualized, federated view of all managed storage—including Harmonic’s Spectrum, MediaStore™and Harmonic® MediaGrid shared storage, as well as third-party storage platforms—to simplify the management of media assets across your entire enterprise. Comprehensive, configurable metadata management tools enable rich categorization and organization capabilities, ensuring that content can be located and repurposed with ease.

At the core of MAS is a workflow engine that provides a common control center for all of your media processing tasks, including transfers, transcoding, caption processing, file-based QC and archive management. This combination of functionality allows complex workflows to be orchestrated and enforced, ensuring content is efficiently routed throughout your facility.

For a fully customized MAM solution, MAS combines standardized third-party service interfaces with comprehensive web service APIs, providing the perfect platform for your in-house-developed applications, as well as applications from Harmonic’s growing list of software development partners.

  • Built-in media-aware services for metadata, rules, search, transfer and organization
  • Coordinates applications to optimize workflows
  • Robust development environment speeds deployment of end-user and third-party applications
  • Hosts Harmonic’s content management, preparation and delivery applications, as well as third-party and custom MAM applications
  • Integrates with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid storage systems, in addition to the ProMedia™ Carbon family
  • Extensible media processing through best-of-breed third-party services: transcode, QC, captioning, archive


Proxy Creation and Management

Work with proxies of high-resolution media right from the desktop

As broadcasters and production facilities transition to file-based workflows, the need to easily view digital content stored within multiple systems has increased. Broad access to huge, growing libraries of high-bitrate media is not practical, as it places unwanted demands on video servers and overwhelms standard IT networks. The ProBrowse™ proxy creation and management application solves this problem by simplifying access to high-resolution media right from the desktop.

Powered by our Media Application Server (MAS) asset management platform, ProBrowse efficiently creates, organizes and serves low-resolution “browse” copies of high-resolution media. These proxies can be created from any supported video format, wrapper or bitrate, and allow content creators to take advantage of the productivity benefits of high-capacity media storage with the added workflow benefits of easy, quick access to media for previews, clip selections, research and approvals.

  • Automated proxy creation for any type of ingest, including baseband, transport streams and FTP
  • Quick, easy access to low-resolution media for previews, clip selections, research and approvals
  • Shot-selection and EDL creation provides seamless integration with production systems
  • Simple, open API for interfacing with automation and media management applications
  • Part of Harmonic’s unified MAS media asset management solution

Sapphire Broadcast Server

Sapphire is a unique “channel-in-a-box” solution that provides all the functions needed to ingest, process, brand, and play out digital SD and HD TV channels over ASI or IP networks. This includes advanced capture, playout, and regionalization capabilities, as well as frame-accurate operation with MPEG-2 and H.264 compressed content.

Sapphire combines the functions of a video router, a baseband video server, a logo inserter, and a character generator. All functions operate seamlessly and frame-accurately in the compressed domain under the control of internal playlists or traditional automation systems.

Key Features
  • Supports for SD and HD content with MPEG-2 or H.264 video
  • High-performance ASI and Gigabit Ethernet MPEG interfaces
  • Scalable and highly reliable storage system
  • Advanced transport stream or program captures capabilities
  • Unique frame-accurate and seamless audio/video splicing
  • Superior remultiplexing capabilities
  • Integrated automation (playlist and record-list management)
  • Advanced asset management (clip import, export, editing, trimming, and concatenation)
  • Multiple control Interfaces (BVW-75, VDCP, BXF, …)
  • Graphic overlays capabilities
Download PDF
Sapphire Datasheet


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