Scale Out Media Storage

With broadcasters having to deal with increasingly massive amount of content, DigitalGlue has teamed up with Harmonic to provide the most efficient and scalable solutions. With all the effort, energy, and resources you put into creating, ingesting, editing, and distributing your content, doesn’t it make sense to invest the same care into the way you store it?


Scalable Shared Storage

Scale-out shared storage optimized for media workflows

Harmonic® MediaGrid is designed specifically for video workflows, providing the performance of a SAN with the simplicity of NAS. Proven in many of the world’s most demanding video environments, MediaGrid is a great fit for applications requiring shared, real-time storage, such as edit-in-place, collaborative editing, transcoding, video on demand and over-the-top (OTT) adaptive bitrate streaming.

MediaGrid is scale-out storage, enabling organizations to start small—with as little as 10 TB of usable capacity—and then seamlessly scale to petabytes of capacity and tens of gigabytes per second of throughput. It is built for 24x7x365 operations, and delivers more performance for the money than competing systems as the result of Harmonic’s unique file system software, which enables true parallel access across many storage nodes and network connections.

  • Unique file system technology enables exceptionally high bandwidth across all capacity points
  • Ethernet-based storage that is simple and cost effective to deploy, manage and scale
  • Qualified and optimized with dozens of the leading media applications
  • Integrates with Harmonic ProMedia Origin streaming video server for the delivery of Time-Shift TV services


Server and Storage System Administration

Facility-wide control of Harmonic Spectrum and MediaGrid systems

SystemManager acts as the administrative hub of Harmonic ingest, storage and playout systems, including Spectrum™ media servers, Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage and the Media Application Server (MAS) asset management platform. The system’s streamlined and intuitive browser-based user interface allows quick configuration of new systems, rapid adjustment of existing configurations, and simplified integration of new components. Real-time fault reporting and alerting capabilities allow users to head off issues before they become critical.

  • Active monitoring and alerting
  • Intuitive web-based GUI
  • Integrates with existing data networks

Media Application Server

Asset Management Platform

The foundation for a complete MAM solution

File-based workflows allow content creators to maximize production efficiencies and enable the delivery of more content to more devices in less time. To realize these objectives, an agile and accessible centralized media asset management (MAM) solution must sit at the heart of any media organization. The foundation of Harmonic’s MAM solution is the Media Application Server (MAS), a SOA-based platform that hosts and coordinates applications that comprise an enterprise-class content management, preparation and delivery platform: ProXplore™ and ProBrowse™.

MAS provides a single virtualized, federated view of all managed storage—including Harmonic’s Spectrum, MediaStore™and Harmonic® MediaGrid shared storage, as well as third-party storage platforms—to simplify the management of media assets across your entire enterprise. Comprehensive, configurable metadata management tools enable rich categorization and organization capabilities, ensuring that content can be located and repurposed with ease.

At the core of MAS is a workflow engine that provides a common control center for all of your media processing tasks, including transfers, transcoding, caption processing, file-based QC and archive management. This combination of functionality allows complex workflows to be orchestrated and enforced, ensuring content is efficiently routed throughout your facility.

For a fully customized MAM solution, MAS combines standardized third-party service interfaces with comprehensive web service APIs, providing the perfect platform for your in-house-developed applications, as well as applications from Harmonic’s growing list of software development partners.

  • Built-in media-aware services for metadata, rules, search, transfer and organization
  • Coordinates applications to optimize workflows
  • Robust development environment speeds deployment of end-user and third-party applications
  • Hosts Harmonic’s content management, preparation and delivery applications, as well as third-party and custom MAM applications
  • Integrates with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid storage systems, in addition to the ProMedia™ Carbon family
  • Extensible media processing through best-of-breed third-party services: transcode, QC, captioning, archive


Proxy Creation and Management

Work with proxies of high-resolution media right from the desktop

As broadcasters and production facilities transition to file-based workflows, the need to easily view digital content stored within multiple systems has increased. Broad access to huge, growing libraries of high-bitrate media is not practical, as it places unwanted demands on video servers and overwhelms standard IT networks. The ProBrowse™ proxy creation and management application solves this problem by simplifying access to high-resolution media right from the desktop.

Powered by our Media Application Server (MAS) asset management platform, ProBrowse efficiently creates, organizes and serves low-resolution “browse” copies of high-resolution media. These proxies can be created from any supported video format, wrapper or bitrate, and allow content creators to take advantage of the productivity benefits of high-capacity media storage with the added workflow benefits of easy, quick access to media for previews, clip selections, research and approvals.


  • Automated proxy creation for any type of ingest, including baseband, transport streams and FTP
  • Quick, easy access to low-resolution media for previews, clip selections, research and approvals
  • Shot-selection and EDL creation provides seamless integration with production systems
  • Simple, open API for interfacing with automation and media management applications
  • Part of Harmonic’s unified MAS media asset management solution


Media and Workflow Management

Quickly and easily search, manage and move content

Central to any file-based workflow environment is defining the steps necessary to prepare content for distribution or repurposing. Key to that function is the ability to quickly search for and find specific media based on structural or descriptive metadata, or a particular workflow stage. The ProXplore™ media and workflow management application maximizes the benefits of file-based, enterprise-wide workflows by supporting multi-system searches, facilitating efficient content movement, and enabling content organization based on physical or user-defined metadata properties. Powered by our Media Application Server (MAS) asset management platform, ProXplore enables organizations to manage their digital media workflows, enforce business rules and streamline the flow of content through their facility.

  • Secure enterprise-wide visibility of content via a rich web-based interface
  • Multi-system content searches, movement and organization based on physical or descriptive properties
  • Rules-based movement of content throughout its lifecycle
  • Coordinated control and execution of media processes
  • Integrates with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid active storage systems
  • Part of Harmonic’s unified MAS media asset management solution
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ProXplore Datasheet

FilmPartners’ MXFserver

Production Management System

The project management engine for an efficient post-production infrastructure

FilmPartners’ MXFserver™ provides a complete set of post-production management functions allowing the pre-alignment of source materials in the workflow so that editors, graphic artists, producers and other users can easily find the materials they need for their projects. When users connect to a given project, everything needed for that project is provided. MXFserver works optimally with Harmonic MediaGrid storage because it can perform all production management functions without interfering with the data path between client workstations and storage. MediaGrid performance and scaling benefits are not impacted by MXFserver operation.

MXFserver presents virtual workspaces that satisfy the operating requirements of the tools being used. Multiple users may connect concurrently to the same project, and share the same materials, with either the same or different post-production tools, providing an environment that is optimal for collaborative post-production. Virtualized workspaces also provide another substantial benefit: the master materials are always protected from accidental deletion. Users work with the masters via virtual workspaces that contain pointers to the master files. The masters do not need to exist in multiple copies to be used by multiple users.

  • A universal, virtualized storage server infrastructure that supports all  leading post-production applications and tools in the industry (e.g. Avid® Media Composer™, ProTools™, Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Adobe® Premiere Pro™, Pyramix™)
  • Organization of the workflow around human-centric projects, instantiated in containers that provide the collaborating post-production team access to all needed materials
  • Shared and concurrent operation on media files with bin locking or equivalent function for Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro
  • Media file virtualization, eliminating the need for copies or duplicated media and enforcing full security for the original materials
  • Editing from multiple workstations directly on Sony® XDCAM™, Panasonic® P2™, and QuickTime files in any codec supported by the editing system in use
  • Networked processing of AMA materials with Avid® editing applications, featuring faster AMA processing than in normal use
  • Native support for LTO5 archiving without the need for additional software
  • Professional access rights management with full reporting; MXFserver can also work with ADS
  • Scalable software architecture that runs on a standard Windows Server OS
  • Native integration with EVS servers in support of sports and other real-time event production workflows

Adobe Anywhere

Collaborate Workflow Platform

What is Adobe Anywhere?

Adobe® Anywhere is a modern, collaborative workflow platform that empowers users of Adobe professional video solutions to work together, using centralized media, across standard networks.

Harness the power of worldwide connectivity to boost your enterprise workgroup’s creativity. Adobe Anywhere lets you bring teams of talent together to collaborate and create productions from virtually any location where there is network connectivity. With Adobe Anywhere, editors, visual effects artists, and other video professionals can use local or remote networks to simultaneously access, stream, and work with remotely stored media. There’s no need for heavy file transfers, duplicate media, or proxy files.

Adobe Anywhere operates across standard networks and requires no proprietary hardware. Its collaborative capabilities are embedded directly in the latest versions of Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, Prelude® CC, and After Effects® CC, so team members don’t have to learn new video software tools. For complete control and security, Anywhere is hosted on-premises with other enterprise media storage and asset management infrastructure. It makes an excellent addition to any system, as it uses no proprietary hardware, but we find it works especially well with Harmonic MediaGrid for dynamic, on-the-go editing and streaming content adaptation.

Enterprise organizations that use Adobe Anywhere will need to have the latest versions of Adobe video software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC. These video applications, along with other leading Adobe creative tools, are available through membership in Adobe Creative Cloud™.


Product Overview: Harmonic MediaGrid Shared Storage
Product Overview: Harmonic MediaGrid Shared Storage
Harmonic MediaGrid at Crawford Media
Harmonic MediaGrid at Crawford Media
Harmonic MediaGrid at Home Depot Television
Harmonic MediaGrid at Home Depot Television
Harmonic MediaGrid at FotoKem
Harmonic MediaGrid at FotoKem
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