Multiscreen Encoding and Transcoding

With the changes in modern technology, service providers need to adapt to survive. Customers are demanding the latest and greatest high quality content to any device, any time. Stay competitive by upgrading to a comprehensive multiscreen system; DigitalGlue has all the tools and experience to build the solution that is right for you.

ProMedia Application Servers

High-Performance Appliances

High-performance appliances for multiscreen video workflows

ProMedia® application servers are scalable, secure platforms for hosting ProMedia software applications and optimizing multiscreen workflows. Each server features a web-based GUI for access from any networked workstation, and some models can be managed and monitored using Harmonic’s NMX™ Digital Service Manager video network management solution.

  • Intuitive web-based GUI
  • Secure platform lockdown with built-in firewall and anti-virus support
  • System and user audit-trail logging
  • Remote service monitoring and software updates plus configuration backup/restore
  • Carrier-grade management system with NMX Digital Service Manager

ProMedia Origin

Streaming Video Server

Enterprise-class streaming video server

ProMedia® Origin is an HTTP streaming video server ideal for originating a broad range of multiscreen services in a scalable, manageable platform. Part of the ProMedia family of optimized multiscreen and production workflow solutions, this carrier-grade system supports a variety of content formats for various devices, including smart phones, tablets and connected TVs. ProMedia Origin leverages industry-standard adaptive streaming protocols from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft to also provide a unified delivery platform for pay-TV services such as VOD, catch-up TV, start-over TV and network DVR (nDVR) to connected devices. The software fully integrates with upstream transcoders and downstream content delivery networks (CDNs).

  • Ingests transcoded, segmented and encrypted output from ProMedia Live, ProMedia Carbon and ProMedia Xpress
  • Enables a wide range of incremental ARPU-generating on-demand services
  • Support for Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming and MPEG-DASH
  • Performs progressive download or adaptive streaming to downstream caches or CDNs
  • External API for asset management and offline content transcoding workflow integrated with external content management systems

Available as software-only or optimized integrated appliance

ProMedia Package

Multiscreen Stream Packager

Adaptive stream preparation for high-value Internet video services

Part of the ProMedia® family of optimized multiscreen and production workflow solutions, ProMedia Package is a software-based, carrier-grade adaptive stream preparation system for deploying secure, high-value Internet video services. Multiple streams of H.264 video and associated audio — including up to 10 different videos and eight different audio languages per service — can be combined selectively into any of the most popular HTTP adaptive bitrate protocols, and secured by seamless integration with multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) vendors.

By efficiently handling metadata information such as language, captions or ad signaling/insertion on input and output, ProMedia Package can scale to support hundreds of simultaneous streams. Packaging can be split across multiple machines for efficient media processing, and simply monitored and managed either by a web-based GUI or the Harmonic NMX™ Digital Service Manager video network management solution.

  • Encode once and encapsulate to a variety of targets
  • Support for Apple® HLS, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, Adobe® HDS and MPEG-DASH
  • Open Key Management Server (KMS) interface enables simplified integration
  • Integration with many CDNs
  • Choice of software-only option or optimized integrated appliance
  • Seamlessly integrates with ProMedia Live and ProMedia Origin

ProMedia Suite

Optimized Multiscreen Production and Preparation Workflows

High-quality video creation and delivery to all mobile and IP-connected devices

Harmonic’s ProMedia® family of integrated software applications and hardware appliances optimizes multiscreen video production and delivery workflows with new levels of scalability, efficiency and flexibility. The first integrated, carrier-grade transcoding solution for live and file-based content, the comprehensive ProMedia suite performs a broad range of processing and streaming functions to enable high-quality video creation and delivery to all mobile and IP-connected devices.

ProMedia applications offer high performance and premium video quality for today’s multiformat video services. The products can be deployed individually or as a complete, end-to-end video processing and adaptive bitrate streaming solution. They integrate with leading digital rights management (DRM) systems, media asset management systems and content distribution networks (CDNs) — in addition to other Harmonic products, including the Spectrum™ media server platform, Electra™ broadcast encoders, ProStream® with ACE® stream processor and transcoder, and Harmonic® MediaGrid shared storage systems.

  • Complete family of multiscreen processing and delivery applications
  • Provides the best possible picture quality at the lowest possible bitrates
  • HEVC-ready
  • 4K/Ultra HD format support
  • Independent nodes scale to support a growing number of services/streams
  • Integrates with numerous DRM, CDN and AMS vendors
  • Fits easily into existing video infrastructures
  • Supports all mobile and web services

ProMedia Carbon

File-Based Transcoder

Supports a vast array of acquisition, editing, broadcast, web and mobile formats

Powered by Harmonic’s Rhozet® technology, ProMedia® Carbon is a file-based transcoding solution that facilitates the conversion of media to a massive array of acquisition, editing, broadcast, web and mobile formats. It can run as a stand-alone application or as part of a multi-node, fully automated rendering farm under the control of the Harmonic WFS™ file-based workflow system.

Part of the ProMedia family of optimized multiscreen and production workflow solutions, ProMedia Carbon supports all major SD and HD formats, and can handle all critical transcoding operations, including SD/HD conversion, PAL/NTSC conversion, logo insertion, color space conversion, color correction, closed captions extraction and more. An open API allows for the creation of custom workflows or third-party applications, further extending ProMedia Carbon’s industry-leading flexibility.

  • Broad format support is ideal for multiscreen content delivery
  • Intuitive user interface increases productivity
  • Scalable transcoding allows system to function as a standalone application or as part of a multi-node rendering farm
  • Automation through WFS with watch folders or WFS API

A free trial is available, contact for more details.

ProMedia Live

Real-Time Multiscreen Transcoder

Real-time, high-quality Internet video streams at low bitrates

Designed to address the increasing demand for video delivery to Internet and mobile devices, Harmonic’s ProMedia® Live is a real-time video processing and encoding system with enhanced H.264 video codec technology for creating high-quality adaptive bitrate video streams. It can transcode baseband SD and HD or MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) content to multiple streams optimized for adaptive bitrate delivery.

ProMedia Live simplifies processing by efficiently handling metadata information (language, captions, ad signaling/insertion) on input and output. The application can be controlled with the Harmonic NMX™ Digital Service Manager, which enables users to monitor and manage compressed multiscreen video and audio services seamlessly.

  • Support for real-time SD/HD-SDI and MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC encoding
  • Premium H.264 video quality
  • HEVC-ready
  • Carrier-grade management system with NMX™ Digital Service Manager monitoring and control
  • Available as software only or as optimized hardware appliance
  • Seamlessly integrates with the ProMedia Package adaptive stream preparation application

ProMedia Xpress

High-Performance Transcoder

Superior video quality for multiscreen VOD services with fast transcoding speeds

ProMedia® Xpress enables faster-than-real-time transcoding and packaging of broadcast-quality SD and HD video for multiscreen VOD applications. It even supports the emerging 4K and Ultra HD formats. The high-performance solution allows content owners and service providers to significantly increase the content hours delivered while adhering to processing timetables and video quality targets in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

ProMedia Xpress employs Harmonic’s new MicroGrid™ parallel-computing technology to achieve a dramatic improvement in transcoding performance over stand-alone processing platforms. The application is managed by the Harmonic WFS™ file-based workflow system and integrates seamlessly with the ProMedia Carbon transcoder. The inclusion of stream packaging technology originally developed for ProMedia Package enables a complete file-based, multiscreen workflow that scales from several to hundreds of nodes and provides the operational integrity required in demanding 24/7 VOD environments.

  • High-performance transcoding and packaging on a standard IT computing infrastructure
  • Harmonic MicroGrid parallel computing for faster-than-real-time workflows
  • HEVC-ready
  • 4K/Ultra HD format support
  • Dynamic farm management for seamless scaling of computing resources
  • Discrete transcoding and packaging processes for highly efficient delivery
  • Cloud-ready model supports cost-effective scaling of processing jobs


File-Based Workflow Engine

Take control of your high-volume transcoding tasks

The WFS™ workflow system is an open and extensible task-based engine ideal for managing file-based, video-centric workflows. WFS enables control of multiple ProMedia™ Carbon and ProMedia Xpress nodes configured as a transcoding farm. The distributed nature of WFS allows for automated processing of high-volume transcoding tasks, failover support, managing job distribution, job prioritization, load balancing, FTP transfer, status monitoring and job notification.

With an extensive API, WFS can manage the complete video asset transformation process by integrating additional third-party and Harmonic processing nodes. Customers can also add automated and scalable video verification processes to their transcoding farm via the optional Quality Control Service (QCS). Packaging and encryption for Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, DASH and Microsoft® Smooth Streaming are enabled through the optional Packaging and Scrambling Services. Additionally, WFS is integrated into Harmonic’s Media Application Server (MAS). WFS enables enterprise transcoding solutions with maximum flexibility, scalability and cross-vendor interoperability.

  • ProMedia Carbon
  • ProMedia Xpress
  • Quality Control System
  • Packaging Service
  • Scrambling Service
  • Automation through watch folders and API and includes automatic FTP transfers
  • Provides failover support and redundancy
  • Performs remote monitoring, alerts and task notification
Download PDF
WFS Datasheet

Media Application Server

Asset Management Platform

The foundation for a complete MAM solution

File-based workflows allow content creators to maximize production efficiencies and enable the delivery of more content to more devices in less time. To realize these objectives, an agile and accessible centralized media asset management (MAM) solution must sit at the heart of any media organization. The foundation of Harmonic’s MAM solution is the Media Application Server (MAS), a SOA-based platform that hosts and coordinates applications that comprise an enterprise-class content management, preparation and delivery platform: ProXplore™ and ProBrowse™.

MAS provides a single virtualized, federated view of all managed storage—including Harmonic’s Spectrum, MediaStore™and Harmonic® MediaGrid shared storage, as well as third-party storage platforms—to simplify the management of media assets across your entire enterprise. Comprehensive, configurable metadata management tools enable rich categorization and organization capabilities, ensuring that content can be located and repurposed with ease.

At the core of MAS is a workflow engine that provides a common control center for all of your media processing tasks, including transfers, transcoding, caption processing, file-based QC and archive management. This combination of functionality allows complex workflows to be orchestrated and enforced, ensuring content is efficiently routed throughout your facility.

For a fully customized MAM solution, MAS combines standardized third-party service interfaces with comprehensive web service APIs, providing the perfect platform for your in-house-developed applications, as well as applications from Harmonic’s growing list of software development partners.

  • Built-in media-aware services for metadata, rules, search, transfer and organization
  • Coordinates applications to optimize workflows
  • Robust development environment speeds deployment of end-user and third-party applications
  • Hosts Harmonic’s content management, preparation and delivery applications, as well as third-party and custom MAM applications
  • Integrates with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid storage systems, in addition to the ProMedia™ Carbon family
  • Extensible media processing through best-of-breed third-party services: transcode, QC, captioning, archive

ProStream 9100 with ACE

High-Density Stream Processor and Transcoder

A converged solution for processing SD/HD content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery

The latest evolution of Harmonic’s market-leading ProStream platform, the 1-RU ProStream® 9100 with ACE® delivers superior video quality and the flexibility to support multiple complex digital processing applications, such as digital turnaround, any-to-any audio and video transcoding, linear ad insertion and live adaptive streaming. It addresses current broadcast and multiscreen I/O formats—and scales easily to accommodate future formats.

ProStream 9100 with ACE features an ultrahigh-density architecture that dramatically reduces the amount of rack space required to meet growing processing and transcoding requirements. System flexibility and workflow versatility are achieved with modular audio/video processing modules and high-capacity IP processing cards. Low power consumption, high reliability and simplified serviceability result in a best-in-class, multi-format platform that offers superior video quality and OPEX.

ProStream 1000 with ACE

Real-Time Stream Processor and Transcoder

High-density solution for advanced stream processing and SD/HD transcoding

Harmonic’s ProStream® 1000 with ACE® is the industry’s first truly converged solution for advanced processing and transcoding of SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video and audio for broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) mobile/web applications. This highly versatile and ultra-dense processing platform is ideal for functions including:

  • Any-to-any and any-to-many video/audio transcoding
  • Automatic audio level adjustment
  • Statistical multiplexing
  • Advanced remultiplexing
  • Scrambling and descrambling

ProStream 1000 with ACE leaps over competing stream-processing platforms by enabling the cost-effective deployment of next-generation SD and HD broadcast and OTT multiscreen services from a single, highly scalable, 1-RU device. It can simultaneously transcode video content for both broadcast and OTT mobile and web applications while providing unmatched video quality. In addition, the ProStream 1000’s power-efficient design helps operators reduce OPEX — and their carbon footprint, as it draws only 10 watts per HD channel and less than 3 watts per SD channel.

Tachyon Plug-in

High Quality Conversions for Modern Transcoding Pipeline

Although it is just a theory in astrophysics, it is a reality for Cinnafilm clients and partners. Tachyon plug-ins give users of popular transcoding platforms access to high quality format and standards conversions tools, elevating their regular transcoders to Tachyon powered Standards Transcoders™.

Cinnafilm’s patented, GPU-based algorithms in Tachyon are the replacement for dedicated, SDI hardware converters that broadcasters and post facilities have wanted for years. And since Tachyon is available as a plug-in for most popular transcoding platforms, the need to replace an entire workflow just to achieve real-time Standards Transcoding, has come to an end.

Plug-in Features
  • Phase correlation-based, motion compensation engine
  • Ability to synthesize new frames to preserve natural motion
  • Format and standards conversion (NTSC, PAL, 525, 625, HD, 2K, 4K)
  • High quality de-interlacing
  • Interlace aware up/down rescaling
  • Inverse telecine
  • Broken pull-down cadence detection and correction
  • Compositing errors cadence correction
  • Multiple telecine pattern insertion
  • 2:3
  • 2:2
  • 4:4
  • Euro
  • Adaptive
  • Precision conversions performed with 32bit floats per channel
  • 16 bit per color channel pipeline
  • 12-14 output Frames Per Second @ HD (Actual transcode times vary based on transcode settings)

An integrated and automated version of our legendary Dark Energy technology for grain/noise management in the Harmonic Carbon ProMedia platforms.

  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Phase correlation-based, motion compensation engine
  • Temporal noise reduction
  • Spatial noise reduction with mix-back function
  • Dustbusting (Automatic, 70% effective)
  • Image sharpening
  • Logarithmic transfer space
  • Gamma adjustment
  • Images up to 2k in resolution


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