DigitalGlue has over twenty-five years’ experience in deploying large scale network installations. Our continued success comes from our attention to detail, and the utilization of technology to keep our customers constantly informed. A single point of contact into our worldwide network of authorized installers guarantees consistency and quality throughout a large-scale deployment. DigitalGlue relies on the latest web-based systems and tools to provide our client a 24/7 window into their current network build-out status and support history.

Our unique position within the broadcasting industry as a highly skilled, neutral, third party enables our clients to take advantage of the broadest possible set of technologies, services, and partners. Our dedicated team is regarded as industry leaders, agnostic on technology, standards based, highly flexible, and deeply driven to exceed customer expectations.

The Company’s Professional Services Organization provides a comprehensive set of industry specific application solutions, training programs, and technical support plans designed to meet our customers’ diverse needs. We engineer, integrate, and install complete systems for the broadcasting of video, voice, and data. We have extensive experience in earth station construction, facility and studio design, network deployment, power systems, telecommunications, networking, monitor and control systems, digital video compression, and media storage.

We offer our clients the following professional services:

Project Management
System Integration
24×7 Help Desk Support
Preventative Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance
4 to 24 Hour On-site Response Times

System Design
Network Design
Product Testing
Feasibility Studies
Requirements Identification and Definition
Requirements Document Preparation
High-level System Architecture
Infrastructure Evaluation

Site List Management
Inventory Control
Site Status Reports
Service Calls
Preventative Maintenance
Advanced Internet Communication Tools
Installation and Sub-Contractor Coordination

Worldwide Presence
Site Survey
Equipment Coordination
Inventory Control
Configuration and Commissioning
On-site System Training

Commodities Staging
Authorization and Coordination
Detailed Engineering Drawings
Detailed Interconnect Diagrams
Final As-Built Drawings
System Documentation
Cable Run Lists
IP Addressing Scheme
Simplified Operator Instructions
Acceptance Testing
Customized Software
Status Reporting
RMA Processing

Toll Free 24×7 Support
4 Hour On-site Response Available in Most Metro Areas
24 Hour On-site Response Available Nationwide
Advanced Program Management Tools
Certified Local Installers to Provide Additional Support

Provided Twice Annually in the Absence of a Corrective Maintenance Visit
Customer Specified Tasks
Scheduled Rotation of Sites
Site Inspection
Inventory Control
Logs Provided to the Client

On-site Service and Support
4 Hour On-site Response Times in Most Metro Areas
24 Hour On-site Response Times Nationwide
Site Coordination
Equipment Repair or Replacement
Site Inspection
Inventory Control
Site Sign Off Provided to the Client

The above engineering services are provided under contract for a fee.