DigitalGlue provides a full range of services for your software development and consulting needs. Our in-house software development team is highly capable and creates custom applications for internal use or resale to enhance your existing product line. We’ll rapidly turn your concepts into reality with a thorough approach to design, development and graphics, testing, documentation, training, support, and maintenance.

“Rapid Development from Concept to Product – You Think It, We Do It”

We offer our clients an outlet to have concepts rapidly developed into products that can be taken quickly to market. By outsourcing product development to DigitalGlue, manufacturers realize immediate benefits:

No internal infrastructure is needed to be redirected or hired

Utilize years of industry experience

Large pool of developers to draw upon on a project-by-project basis


Some of our Development Projects


Our client had a store-and-forward satellite receiver with only a web interface for video play out control. Some of their customers did not have access to a web browser and wanted to control the unit with TiVo like functionality on the monitor.


On Screen Display (OSD) application using a remote control to allow operation of the unit like typical consumer video devices.

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With the shift from real time IRDs (integrated receiver/decoders) to store-and-forward media players, video must now be encoded into a file format complete with metadata. The metadata is required for targeted for target distribution and playlist management.

Our client manufacturers a line of edge devices, but did not have a solution for their customers to encode video in a compatible file format and easily tag content. DigitalGlue was contracted to develop a web application that managed assets, encodes video and audio, supports VTR control and EDL (Edit Decision List), automatically calculates runtimes, edits metadata, and pushes files to their distribution system or Kencast Fazzt.

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An equipment manufacturer, who primarily builds IRDs and Edge Media Servers, needed a content management system to provide a complete solution to their customers. Their expertise was in Linux based systems for equipment control and authorization. They had sold a number of large projects requiring content management.


Our provided solution consists of 3 major components; A web based user interface, a Windows Service processing engine, and the supporting SQL Server database schema which includes much of the business in stored procedures and triggers.


  • ASP .NET Web Site – UI to the CMS
  • SQL Server – Metadata storage, configuration, user management, order history, etc.
  • Windows Service (C# .NET with TCP/IP remote monitoring)
  • XML Web Services
  • Supporting tool and utilities (C# .NET)
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Client wanted to move from their existing workflow of live satellite feeds with affiliates manually recording stories to tape. If an affiliate missed a story, they would have to re-feed when the satellite time became available. It was a very labor intensive and ineffective process.


A store-and-forward solution was proposed that would automatically deliver all stories to their affiliates and include a web interface where users at their desktops could search stories, preview the video, read the script, and only output to tape or export to a NLE only selected stories.


  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Web – PHP, JavaScript, and PostgeSQL
  • C Support Library integrated into the existing (Linux Based) IRD control system
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A hardware vendor contacted Digital Glue to help simplify the management of over 1800 four channel Audio IRD units that they had deployed to local radio affiliates of their customer, a national radio network. Along with the satellite broadcast stream of over five dozen channels of programming content, commands to set the schedules for each IRD are sent from the head end network operations center.


Digital Glue was able bring its experience in the broadcast industry to bear,  to rapidly create a solution that integrated an attractive and easy to use Web application with the database and SOAP services required by the head end control software.

The engineering resources of the IRD vendor was committed to implementing additional firmware features and head end control software. No resources were available to create end user applications. By having Digital Glue working in parallel on the UI, all features were delivered to the customer in a shorter time period.

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A motivational consulting company hired DigitalGlue to write a custom digital signage and kiosk application and provide/integrate all the necessary equipment and screens. The completed project was installed in the corporate headquarters of their S&P 100 client. The consulting company specializes in designing sales award campaigns to motivate their clients top performing salespeople.

DigitalGlue’s objective was to replace their traditional photograph based “Wall of Fame” with video walls to display awards recipient’s on large LCD flat-panel displays.


  • Windows Server
  • .NET C#
  • HaneWin DNS
  • HaneWin DHCP


  • Video Controller – Sony EBS – N200
  • Kiosk Screen – Elo Touch Systems
  • LCD – Sony 32LX1
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Our team has many years of experience writing a diverse range of applications. Many of these programs required the same common functions such as a web or application GUI, control of external devices, SNMP, remote monitoring, logging and reporting, and database connectivity. Although each client’s need differed, they had a common desire for a cost effective solution delivered ASAP.

Digital Glue presents the Virtual Generator™ framework to create custom software solutions for the OEM with short development timelines.

The core platform consists of two components – Unified Service and Interface. They can be used together or independently. Both are based upon a plug-in architecture that allows multiple configurations to be created from the same components.

The use of plug-ins minimizes operational support. New features and updates can be issued without redeploying and recertifying an entire installation.

Digital Glue licenses the common components to our clients, and then builds upon them to rapidly deliver a custom solution based upon their business processes or target market.

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DigitalGlue can be used as a stand-alone outsourced software engineering department, or we will team with your in-house staff when you need extra support.

We can create new products for you, or provide added functionality for your current products. We have developed complete applications, as well as supplied component software used internally to enhance existing software.

We can also perform software acquisition and integration work for you. In many cases, there are existing solutions that are close, but just not quite right for your needs. To bring your solution rapidly to market, it is often possible to modify off-the-shelf software.

Our team will analyze your business processes and requirements, architect a solution, and provide a complete functional specification with time estimates.


Graphics and Development

You can avoid the cost of purchasing expensive development tools and test bed equipment by outsourcing to DigitalGlue. For Windows development, DigitalGlue utilizes the latest Microsoft Visual Studio Tools to can create traditional software as well as applications that target the .NET environment.

DigitalGlue specializes in Rapid GUI development using Windows .NET technology. We can quickly create a user-friendly application that is customized to your specific needs.

DigitalGlue also develops Web Applications for Windows hosting with ASP.NET, and for Unix hosting using JavaScript or PHP.

The goal of creating software that provides exactly the needed functionality does not always require a lengthy development effort. By using commercial and open-source libraries, as well as integrating 3rd Party Software, that ready-to-use functionality can be quickly turned into a custom. We leverage existing technologies and expertise to provide timely completion of cost effective solutions.

Our database experts have experience designing solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Maximum performance is achieved with extensive use of stored procedures, keeping business logic close to the data and allowing the applications to deliver the richest user interface.

We have a talented team of artists who can design logos, buttons, and graphics that set your applications apart from your competition. They are also highly skilled in creating Flash interfaces for an enhanced user experience.



Whether you need to augment staff, conduct special projects, or outsource an entire department, we are available to assist.

DigitalGlue can provide custom tools for your testing needs, including small GUI applications to automate tasks and generate test data. For complex, multi-vendor systems, we work with you to design and implement complete testing procedures.

Our team regularly works with government entities and ISO certified companies worldwide, and conform to their written and procedural requirements.



Projects developed by DigitalGlue are fully documented with both design and user notes. Developer Guides will help your in-house engineers “take ownership” of custom code developed for you. Information for end-users is provided as an online help system, searchable, graphical, and typically includes a complete glossary of terms. In addition, traditional printed documentation is produced in a variety of formats.

Developing documentation is an iterative process. It relies on multiple drafts being generated over time, and continuous maintenance post delivery. For most companies, documentation staffing is time dependent. Only when a product is developed or modified will documentation services be required. Therefore, hiring an internal technical writer is a costly overhead. Utilizing DigitalGlue staff is the most efficient and cost effective solution.


Training, Support, and Maintenance

DigitalGlue’s comprehensive training, support, and maintenance program is a key component of our commitment to offer client’s a range of ongoing products and services.

Clients have the flexibility to choose from a selection of service and support levels to align with their unique business requirements. In addition, software updates, documentation, and troubleshooting assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by logging into our online forum.

For our OEM clients, we can transparently supplement their existing training and support staff by offering 1st and 2nd tier response.



C, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, Trolltech QT, and ASP.NET

Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL

Windows, OS X, Linux and Embedded Linux, Android, and iOS

HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Multicast, RSTP, and Amazon S3


Our Team has Many Years of Diverse Experience

Digital Signage

Image Processing

Real-time Data Collection

Compression, Transcoding, Transrating, and Statistical Multiplexing

Satellite, Microwave, and Spread Spectrum

Telecommunications, Networking, and Security


Recent Projects

Analog-to-MPEG Ingest Workstation

Content Management System / Multimedia File Delivery

Software Automation Tasks to Bridge Legacy Data and Traffic Systems to CMS

Scheduling Interface for Programming Audio Network Feeds, Ad Insertion, and Remote Triggers

Subscriber Management System

Antenna Controller GUI

PMCP Editor and Parser