Who We Are

Our team is always ready to accept a challenge. Management has an average of over twenty years’ experience serving the broadcast industry. We led the transition from analog to digital, QPSK to DVB-S2, MPEG-1 to HEVC, SD to UHD, and satellite/cable to OTT. We view ourselves as “technology firefighters” – while others flee, we run into the fire.

What We Do

DigitalGlue provides equipment, integration, and software development for the production and distribution of digital video. We analyze your workflow to build an optimized solution for collaborative editing, automation, media asset management, storage, and archiving. From contribution to distribution, the DigitalGlue team will work with you to efficiently deliver your programming over fiber, cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT.

We design, integrate, and support systems based upon your needs today, yet draw from years of real-world experience to engineer a technology path for tomorrow.

We Are Now DigitalGlue

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In 2002, Tim Anderson and Sean Busby co-founded TBC Integration and DigitalGlue. TBC focused on broadcast and satellite hardware sales and integration services. DigitalGlue provided custom software development to industry leaders for media ingest, content management, targeted distribution, automation, and playout. In recent years, technology has shifted from proprietary hardware to software based CPU/GPU solutions. The importance of our rapid software development expertise has proven vital for us to connect legacy infrastructures into a true digital end-to-end workflow. Looking to the future, we have decided to change our name to DigitalGlue. We feel the company name best reflects our vision in a converging digital video ecosystem.


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Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson is Co-Founder and CEO/CTO of DigitalGlue. He has a proven track record of taking leading technologies and integrating them into complete solutions for many first to market broadcast, corporate, and government clients. Tim brings more than 25 years’ experience in the satellite, telecom, computer, and broadcast industries. He has been a co-founder and executive with a number of successful startup high tech companies. He was integral in developing technology, the raising of venture capital, expanding worldwide operations, and their eventual acquisition or merger.

Tim served as President of Miralite Communications, for eight of his eleven-year tenure. He then held the position of President / CTO and Co-Founder of BitCentral. He was Chief Architect of AnytimeTV. In addition, Tim held the office of Executive Vice President and was a co-founder of DirectNet Telecommunications.

His technical expertise includes compression, encryption, streaming, content management and distribution, master control playout, and media storage. In 2000, Miralite Communications changed its name to BitCentral after taking a round of investment funding. As President and CTO, Tim was instrumental in the funding and rollout of the first satellite-based store-and-forward news distribution network for CBS Newspath. The technology was later deployed for NBC and CNN. He also developed the solution used by Fox NewsEdge for their affiliate news distribution.

Previous Companies: BitCentral, DirectNet Telecommunications, AnyTimeTV, and Miralite Communications

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Sean Busby


Sean Busby is Co-Founder and President of DigitalGlue. He is responsible for the sales, operations, and financing for the company. He started his career in 1994 at Miralite Communications as a Project Manager and moved through the ranks to become Director of Strategic Programs. In 1998, he wrote the initial business plan for an e-commerce site serving the broadcast industry. The site became BitCentral and raised funds for growth during the .com era.

Since DigitalGlue’s inception in November 2002, Sean’s leadership has been instrumental in growing the company and setting its direction. He has focused on creating a partnership between our clients, select vendors, and internal team. DigitalGlue has successfully delivered many multi-million dollar projects for broadcast, enterprise, and military networks. He has created lasting relationships with the Industry’s premier manufacturers. DigitalGlue is the largest North American distributor for innovative manufacturers such as Harmonic, Fujitsu, Bridge Technologies, VideoFlow, and Verimatrix. Sean is a founding member of the Harmonic Channel Advisory Board.

Previous Companies: BitCentral, Miralite Communications, and Video City

Dave Gordon

Vice President of Engineering

Dave Gordon is Vice President of Engineering at DigitalGlue, and leads its broadcast design, integration, installation, and support team. He has a proven track record of taking emerging technologies and integrating them into complete solutions for many first to market corporate and government clients. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the satellite, telecom, computer, and broadcast industries. Dave began his career as a Crypto Technician in the US Army Signal Corps, and later became the Communications Manager at a Defense R&D facility enabling ApraNet, MilNet, and DDN, the fore-runners of today’s Internet. Dave was an early employee at both TV/Com (formerly OAK) and Harmonic Data Systems (New Media Communication). He held positions at Irdeto Access and GlobeCast prior to joining DigitalGlue. Mr. Gordon currently focuses on the global deployment of MPEG-4 AVC DVB-S2 multi-channel broadcast networks.

Previous Companies: Globecast, Irdeto, DataFlow, Harmonic Data Systems, TV/COM, Mnemonics, and Dynamac

John McCluskey

Director of Sales

With over 20 years of industry sales experience in sales management roles with established and recognized equipment manufactures, John has obtained a detailed knowledge and understanding of signal flows and video processing and video transport solutions.

John began his career in the industry with NDS/TANDBERG Television, where he worked for 8 years and relocated from the UK to Southern California. He started in sales support and inside sales, spending his last 4 years with them as Western Regional Sales Manager, developing a sound understanding of MPEG compression and encryption.

After leaving TANDBERG, John joined Miranda Technologies in 2005, as Director of Sales for the Southwest Region. During his 6 years with the company, he was promoted to Director of Western Regional Sales and managed the West Coast sales team, successfully growing sales through close relationships with channel partners and direct customer relationships. In 2011 he joined T-VIPS, where he also worked as Director of Sales to establish the T-VIPS brand as the go-to solution for live color correction and remote editing for the studios and top-tier Post houses, and help build acceptance of JPEG 2000 for low latency contribution applications.

“In joining the team at DigitalGlue, I have come full circle in my understanding of signal flow, from the point of capture at the camera to the viewer at the set-top box, I know am in a position to recommend the best products and manufacturers for an end to end solution.”

Previous Companies: NDS/TANDBERG Television (Now Ericsson), Miranda Technologies (Now GVG), T-VIPS/Nevion.

Larry Fischer

Director of Engineering

After college, Larry Fischer worked at several post-production facilities before moving on to remote production trucks. He was chief engineer at Coast to Coast Video and VTE Productions where he was in charge of designing and maintaining production trucks as well as hiring and training staff engineers. During that time, he worked with all the major networks and was “Engineer in Charge” at many shows including People’s Choice Awards, County Music Awards, FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Gymnastic games. When it was time to get off the road, Larry was hired at Global Digital Media Exchange (GDMX, a Time Warner Entertainment company) and was promoted to Director of Engineering and Operations. GDMX is the home of the WB Network master control and all of Warner Bros Syndication Distribution. GDMX was also one of the first facilities to master DVDs. Larry later provided consulting and engineering services to The ReelzChannel and Vigor Systems. Vigor utilized their MagnuBox server for the Pitch Blue network roll-out.

Previous Companies: Vigor Systems, ReelzChannel, and GDMX Warner Brothers

Scott Hutchison

Director of Client Relations and Government Sales

Over 30 years of military, engineering, communications, and space experience, which includes over eight years working in support of the US Army space mission. Over those 8 years, Scott provided systems engineering support to a variety of MILSATCOM programs to include EHF, Advanced EHF, SHF, UHF, GBS, WGS, and Joint Blue Force Situational Awareness (JBFSA). He provided engineering support to SMDC/ARSTRAT in its role as the Wideband SATCOM System Expert (SSE), and supported Army SATCOM roles managing the Regional SATCOM Support Centers (RSSC). Mr. Hutchison routinely prepared briefings, arranged conferences, attended meetings, and developed such documents as Concepts of Operations for SATCOM systems such as Advanced EHF and GBS.

1981-1997: Scott served in various operational command and staff positions in Infantry units around the world. He was director of the US Army Pacific Operations Center, executive officer of an Infantry Battalion, executive officer of an Infantry Brigade and commander of an Infantry battalion. He was responsible for the training, operation, and support of units as large as 800 soldiers to include deployments to the Sinai Peninsula for peacekeeping and to Panama for Operation Just Cause. As Assistant Chief of Staff G3, served as the principal staff officer for operations, plans, organization, training, readiness, and resource allocation for a 10,000 person Infantry Division and all other United States Army forces in Alaska. Scott was responsible for Army-wide requirements determination for, and the development, testing, fielding, new equipment training, maintenance and support of, all Army ground combat training simulations.

1978-1981: Scott served as an Assistant Professor and course director in the Department of Physics at the US Military Academy where he was an instructor of a college-level physics course, which was a comprehensive calculus-based study of mechanics, electromagnetic phenomena, and modern physics. He directed the preparation of all course material and planned and organized a series of lectures on modern physics for all students enrolled in the basic physics course.

University of Colorado, Physics, 1976 – 1978, MS
United States Military Academy, General Engineering, 1967 – 1971, BS
US Army War College, 1991 – 1992
Air Command and Staff College, 1984 – 1985

Previous Companies: FCI, BitCentral, and US Army (Retired Colonel) Airborne and Ranger Qualified

Jon Mott

Director of Software Development

Jon has over 30 years of experience as a systems analyst, software engineer, system integrator, and UNIX administrator. He has worked with a wide variety of commercial computing platforms.

Jon has practical experience implementing solutions with C/C++/C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Java, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, assembly and various scripting languages including Perl and UNIX shells. He has worked on applications including; automation, content management and delivery, real-time signal processing, networking, data acquisition, general scientific, and financial packages.

Jon previously held positions with CQOS Inc., Cognitive Vision Inc., US West, Universal Computing, Financial Planning Technologies, Cameca Instruments, and the University of California at San Diego. Projects have included; An Internet performance measurement system, a Photomask Inspection System, a Space Shuttle Engine Analyzer, and a Stinger Missile Simulator, and, acquisition subsystems for Sonar and Radar applications. He has worked on numerous, one-off test, benchmark, and verification utilities.

He has worked on contracts for companies including Fox NewsEdge, NASA, BBC, Westwood One, Pfizer, Photronics, Rockwell Rocketdyne, The U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, General Dynamics, Hughes, and Raytheon.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego and a Management Development Certificate from the University of Nebraska.

Previous Companies: CQOS, Cognitive Vision, US West, The Blackstone Group, Universal Computing, FP Technologies, and Cameca Instruments

Mark Reynolds

Director of Operations

Mark is an amazing individual and anyone who has interfaced with him professionally would agree. Without his diligent attention to detail, DigitalGlue would not have been able to consistently experience an annual double digit growth in sales. Mark leads DigitalGlue’s operations team, and is responsible for the logistics of all large network deployments such as recently for the CW and Turner. He has worked with DigitalGlue Co-Founder Tim Anderson for over 35 years.

Previous Companies: Bitcentral and Miralite Communications

Wendy Rood

Director of Sales

Wendy Rood is a technically trained salesperson. Receiving the bulk of her technical training in the US Navy where she spent 5 years as an electronics technician. After the Navy, she began her civilian career as a bench test technician for Loral Terracom. After a short hiatus from her career, Wendy returned to the technical world as a Marketing Assistant in the C-band division of General Instrument. Her career blossomed when she was asked to take on the role of Inside Sales Manager at Bitcentral, Inc. After Bitcentral, she went to work for Irdeto Access in the conditional access side of the broadcast industry as their North American Account Manager. After leaving Irdeto Access she was hired by Wegener Corp as the IPTV Sales Manager. When the Wegener IPTV product failed to be developed she left to work at Verimatrix, Inc. Wendy was the West Regional Sales Manager for Verimatrix selling the IPTV platform. When she left Verimatrix she re-joined some of her colleagues from Bitcentral, Inc. at DigitalGlue (formerly TBC Integration).

Previous Companies: SEG, Verimatrix, Wegener Communciations, Irdeto, BitCentral, Motorola, General Instruments, and Loral Terracom

Our Mission

It Can be Done.

The DigitalGlue team excels at turning concepts into reality and assets into profits.

We focus on Glass-to-Glass (Lens to Screen) technologies. Our business is everything digital video.

Years Serving the Broadcast Industry



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