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DigitalGlue Builds Disaster Recovery Solution for Major Religious Broadcasting Network

Murrieta, CA – August 18, 2020 – DigitalGlue, trusted Systems Integrator, has partnered with Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world’s largest Christian television broadcast group, to build a Disaster Recovery system to be located at their WWTO TV station and production facility in Chicago, IL. The purpose-built Disaster Recovery solution will back up TBN’s primary play-out and uplink in Tustin, CA, the Network’s headquarters, for a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing any functionality.

The system will provide four channels of local play-out by utilizing a prior generation Harmonic Channel port/MediaGrid and Electra 9000 Series compression platform for full mirroring of TBN’s uplink channel count in Tustin, CA. Larry Haley, Vice President of Operations and Engineering at Trinity Broadcasting Networks noted that “late last year when we needed to add an HD MPEG-4/AVC channel for our Positiv Movie channel launch, new licenses to our Electra 9000 series platform were no longer available. DigitalGlue worked with Harmonic to provide an attractive upgrade plan to the latest Harmonic Electra-X series platform which allowed them to reconfigure the existing Electra 9000 system to meet our Disaster Recovery needs while staying within the budget.”

The strategic use of repurposed equipment as part of the overall upgrade/refresh plan extends the life of the still viable Harmonic products for the Disaster Recovery application while saving the Broadcasting Network money. In addition to using this playout and compression equipment, DigitalGlue will install new Satellite Modulators at the Disaster Recovery site to maximize modular efficiency.

Redundancy is one of the most important elements of a disaster recovery solution. The TAG 22 channel MCM9000 provided the best-compressed stream multiviewer solution for source monitoring. The MCM9000 combined with the planned relocation of the redundant Cerebrum server to Chicago, which provides a system-wide monitor for the Regional TV stations as well as Tustin, will maintain network-wide distributed redundancy.

The final system element of the Disaster Recovery project was the installation of VideoFlow DVA202 equipment. The performance-grade DVA202 ensures reliable bi-directional IP distribution of TBN content to and from Tustin to Chicago over IP, as well as the back-up distribution of the core Local TBN regional stations uplink over IP to Chicago, New York, and Phoenix.

This multi-tier approach has allowed DigitalGlue to create and provide the most efficient Disaster Recovery solution that is budget-friendly while maximizing functionality and data protection. To learn more about DigitalGlue’s Disaster Recovery solutions, contact or call 877.822.4683 today.

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