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software development

You Think It, We Build It

DigitalGlue provides a full range of services for your software development and consulting needs. Our in-house software development team is highly capable and creates custom applications for internal use or resale to enhance your existing product line. We’ll rapidly turn your concepts into reality with a thorough approach to design, development and graphics, testing, documentation, training, support, and maintenance.

Simplify Complexity

Solutions that Just Work

Intuitive Experiences

Designed for Your Team

Custom APIs

Redefine What’s Possible

Integrated Solutions

Connected Pipelines

rapid development

From Concept to Product

We offer our clients an outlet to have concepts rapidly developed into products that can quickly be put into production or taken to market. By outsourcing product development to DigitalGlue, companies realize immediate benefits:

  • No internal infrastructure is needed to be redirected or hired
  • Utilize years of industry experience
  • Large pool of developers to draw upon on a project-by-project basis

End-to-End Software Development

When you know what you need, but aren’t sure how to get there, it’s time to call DigitalGlue.

Holistic Analysis

Our team analyzes your business processes and requirements, architect a solution, and provide a complete functional specification with time estimates.

Optimal Synergy

DigitalGlue can be used as a stand-alone outsourced software engineering department, or we will team with your in-house staff when you need extra support.

Flexible Services

We can create new products for you, or provide added functionality for your current products. We have developed complete applications, as well as supplied component software used internally to enhance existing software.

Turnkey Solutions

We can also perform software acquisition and integration work for you. In many cases, there are existing solutions that are close, but just not quite right for your needs. To bring your solution rapidly to market, it is often possible to modify off-the-shelf software.

Pre-Built Dev Environment

You can avoid the cost of purchasing expensive development tools and test bed equipment by outsourcing to DigitalGlue.

Rapid GUI Development

Using Vue.js and/or Windows .NET, we can quickly create a user-friendly desktop or web application that is customized to your specific needs.

Resource Libraries

We leverage existing technologies and expertise to provide timely completion of cost effective solutions. By using commercial and open-source libraries, as well as integrating 3rd Party Software, we turn ready-to-use functionality into customized tools.

Database Experts

Our database experts have experience designing solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Maximum performance is achieved with extensive use of stored procedures, keeping business logic close to the data and allowing the applications to deliver the richest user interface.

Extensive Testing

Before releasing software, we test it in our Workflow Laboratory to make sure it works in an active environment. We are able to track over 5000 metrics and isolate the problem down to specific hardware components, software processes, and users.

Custom-Built Testing & Diagnostic Tools

DigitalGlue can provide custom tools for your testing needs, including small GUI applications to automate tasks and generate test data. For complex, multi-vendor systems, we work with you to design and implement complete testing procedures.

Government-Level Security

Our team regularly works with government entities and ISO certified companies worldwide, and conform to their written and procedural requirements.

Multi-Level Documentation

Projects developed by DigitalGlue are fully documented with both design and user notes. Developer Guides will help your in-house engineers “take ownership” of custom code developed for you. End-user documentation is custom-tailored to your team’s specific workflow to simplify on-boarding and eliminate information overload.

Ongoing Revision

Developing documentation is an iterative process. It relies on multiple drafts being generated over time, and continuous maintenance post delivery. For most companies, documentation staffing is time dependent. Only when a product is developed or modified will documentation services be required. Therefore, hiring an internal technical writer is a costly overhead. Utilizing DigitalGlue staff is the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Ongoing Services

DigitalGlue’s comprehensive training, support, and maintenance program is a key component of our commitment to offer client’s a range of ongoing products and services.

Flexible Support Agreements

Clients have the flexibility to choose from a selection of service and support levels to align with their unique business requirements. In addition, software updates, documentation, and troubleshooting assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by logging into our online forum.

Multi-Tier Offering

For our OEM clients, we can transparently supplement their existing training and support staff by offering 1st and 2nd tier response.

Inspired Design for the Digital Age

We’re passionate about solving problems in a way that is scalable and future-proof.

Next-Gen Architectures

We build light, scalable, and cross-platform architectures that are extremely efficient for scalable network applications through Node.js.

Powerful Databases

We utilize the full power of Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases with stored procedures and custom controls designed by our team of experts.

OS Agnostic

We develop highly-integrated tools for any platform: Windows, OS X, Linux and Embedded Linux, Android, and iOS.

Protocol Gurus

Our applications deliver files using HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Multicast, RSTP, and/or Amazon S3.

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