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DigitalGlue Makes Storage Accessible with Desktop Application for Mac Users

Atlanta, GA – May 5, 2020 – DigitalGlue is excited to announce the release of its Desktop Application for Macintosh. The platform offers storage as a managed service designed specifically for creatives. This latest feature makes it extremely convenient for Mac users to quickly access Spaces and folders as well as apply folder structure templates.

With the click of a button, the Desktop Application makes it easy for creatives to connect to Spaces and collaborate without managing IP addresses. Unlike direct-attached drives, Spaces can be mounted by multiple users across various workstations, allowing everyone to collaborate without copying data.

The intuitive application eliminates the annoying task of inputting an IP address each time a connection needs to be made. Typically, users mount network shares by typing an IP address into the “Connect to Server” dialog box in Finder. Depending on how the network is set up, each user may even have a different IP address that they have to use. With the Desktop Application, the IP address only needs to be added once. From that point on, the application will remember it.

Desktop App for Mac: Mounting Made Ridiculously Easy

A unique feature of the platform is the built-in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server that controls the Spaces, folders, and files users can access through the Desktop Application. While other storage solutions support external LDAP and Active Directory servers, every node comes with a built-in server that is deeply integrated into the entire feature-set providing an unprecedented level of control over access for all customers. The permissions set in the web application limit what users can see and do in the web app, on the desktop, and even via FTP. By logging in with unique credentials, administrators are able to see user activity and quickly identify bottlenecks and breaches.

Customers that have created Folder Structure Templates using the web app can apply them from within the Desktop Application. Users will be presented with a form to populate the custom variables set in the template. The variables in folder and file names will be replaced with the user-defined information from the form. Templates make it easy for admins to standardize file organization and even create documents and project files for users to start from.

Additional features have been added to minimize the time spent looking for the right Spaces and folders. Bookmarks allow users to bring Spaces and folders to the top of the list for quick access. The Filter Bar lets users filter Spaces and folders by text in their names.

The Desktop Application supports adding and mounting Spaces across multiple systems. Customers can connect to their Spaces across multiple nodes, IP addresses, and even through a VPN. As long as the node can be reached through the IP address, the desktop app will let users see and mount the Spaces they have access to. To learn more about the platform, email or call (888) 519 2021.

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